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see castingcasting
or founding,
shaping of metal by melting and pouring into a mold. Most castings, especially large ones, are made in sand molds. Sand, mixed with a binder to hold it together, is pressed around a wooden pattern that leaves a cavity in the sand.
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The art and science of melting and casting metals.
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founding, casting

Producing metal products in a foundry by pouring melted metals into molds.
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Accordingly, the distinct linguistic and cultural groups emerged after the expansion and radiation of the founding population throughout North, Central, and South America.
Modern revisionists miss the real story of the tremendous strides toward liberty made during the Founding generation when they focus their microscope upon the exceptions to the progress of 18th century liberalism.
Mine was a middling success story compared to some of the other founding members.
Michael Denneny serves as a founding editor of Christopher Street, a gay literary magazine, The first openly gay book editor in New York City, Denneny loses his job at Macmillan as a result and moves to St.
The spectrum of Lapita cultural items at the Mussau sites, along with previously excavated deposits, is clearly linked to later South Pacific cultures and strengthens the Lapita's position as the founding culture of the entire region, says Kirch.