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Patty's Day producing pots of gold and lucky charms dares optimists to hunt for the luckiest plant -- the four-leaf clover.
In this last cycle, an addition to his 'cancer squad' is a childhood friend John, an Irish-Filipino from Seattle who gave him a four-leaf clover as a present.
MOST youngsters can only dream of finding a four-leaf clover.
It's estimated that there are 10,000 three-leaf clovers for every one four-leaf clover.
Shoots four-leaf clovers" should make you think twice about monkeying with it, but you have some options.
The firm launched its website on Monday and each glass vial has a little four-leaf clover attached to give punters the luck of the Irish.
THE lucky discovery of four-leaf clovers in the sub-arctic could prove valuable to future plant breeding research.
The main objective of the proposed rehabilitation project is to restore operational integrity to the existing four-leaf bascule span.
Starting in the 1960s, the four-leaf clover symbol began to appear on performance versions of road-going Alfa Romeos, and the latest Quadrifoglio Verde versions of MiTo and Giulietta have assumed a rightful place in the tradition of the best Alfa Romeos, and the latest offerings will be on sale here next month.
Both those taking part and members of the public were adorned in the Irish tricolour and leprechauns, four-leaf clovers and an abundance of green could be seen lining the route of the event now in its 13th year.
There are millions in America asking each day for a break and it could very well come in the form of a silver four-leaf clover.
They were then presented with plaques in the shape of a four-leaf clover.