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1. the cardinal number that is the sum of three and one
2. a numeral, 4, IV, etc., representing this number
3. something representing, represented by, or consisting of four units, such as a playing card with four symbols on it
4. Cricket
a. a shot that crosses the boundary after hitting the ground
b. the four runs scored for such a shot
5. Rowing
a. a racing shell propelled by four oarsmen pulling one oar each, with or without a cox
b. the crew of such a shell
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What does it mean when you dream about the number four?

Four is the number of stability, upon which all is based: the four sides to the square; the four seasons; the four directions; the four elements; and, the four mental functions (thought, feeling, sense, and intuition).

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'Nwali, therefore, took the four-year-old to her house at the CAS Campus of Ebonyi State University Abakaliki (EBSU), where she has been for several months.
Students wishing to enroll must have reached the age of 3 for the three-year-old and 4 for the four-year-old class on or before Sept.
Punjab Forensic Science Agency DG Dr Ashraf Tahir said that DNA tests conducted on the samples obtained from the deceased's body and the crime scene prove that the four-year-old was sexually assaulted before her death.
He added: "I know some people might think it's strange to see a four-year-old heading over fences so soon, but it's not like he's a store horse; he's more like a French four-year-old as he had so much experience on the Flat.
2) I don't know anyone who thinks uploading videos of breastfeeding a four-year-old is anything other than the above...
The four-year-old boy was among those hurt when a house in Millwood Road was shot at - moments after another shooting in nearby Prenton Green.
Four-year-old Richard Walkington, left, and 10-year old Desmond Taylor reading on a pile of rubble
A GERMAN man arrested over the death of a four-year-old migrant boy has confessed to killing another child, prosecutors said.
A MAN and woman have been arrested on suspicion of being drunk in a pub while looking after a four-year-old.
A THREE-year-old Ohio girl is in critical condition after being shot in the head by her four-year-old brother, who found a gun in a dresser.
The receptionist immediately turned to our son and asked him whether he would like to have some food delivered for his dinner and then listened patiently to our four-year-old our son was treated like a valued guest, which in turn put us at ease.