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foxtail wedge, fox wedge, fox tenon

A small wedge used to secure the split end of a tenon in a mortise, the split end of a bolt in a hole, or the like, by spreading the end as the wedge is driven in.
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Also, barnyardgrass and bristly foxtail plants were harvested in a 1-[m.sup.-2] area in the two center rows of each subplot 12 and 16 WAP in both growing seasons.
Like the foxtail, many of his palms, including a gorgeous, towering Bismarkia nobilis from Madagascar that he began growing from a seedling 20 years ago, were rare when he first found them but can now be seen throughout the area.
One was for Foxtail Falls, and it was stuffed with case cards.
Green and yellow foxtail (Setaria glauca (L.)) are important weeds in cropland of the central plains region of North America.
Foxtail Marketing has been awarded the rank of top search engine optimization service in the monthly rankings at due to their exceptional client satisfaction, their comparative performance over previous months, and their dedication towards excellence.
No National Health specs or foxtail haircut to hold him back!
If your dog spends time romping outdoors, especially in tall grasses, he is at risk of coming into contact with a foxtail. The sharp point of the barb causes the foxtail to cling to fur and, any time the dog moves, the foxtail will burrow deeper into his fur.
2137 Giant flowered 3081 Foxtail Lilies mixed 3019 Dinner-plate 2059 Giant Lily Collection 2057 Polianthese tuberosa 2144 Please send my WORTH MORE 9 bulbs for only pounds 12.99 (RRP pounds 26.97) OFFER 5: Polianthese tuberosa 'The Pearl' - SAVE pounds 5 Arguably the most fragrant flower in the world and used in traditional Hawaiian garlands, these bulbs are easy to grow in the UK and make glorious cut stems.
Tatton Park's best in show, the bubble garden by Heather Appleton on behalf of the Anthony Nolan Trust, used the majestic blue agapanthus as its statement flower above green pennisetum alopecuroides Hameln, known also as fountain or foxtail grass.
Pearl, foxtail and proso are all types of which grain?
The noodles were made from broomcorn and foxtail millet, rather than wheat or rice.
Cut off the old flower spikes of early flowering perennials such as delphiniums, pictured, and foxtail lilies.