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foxtail wedge, fox wedge, fox tenon

A small wedge used to secure the split end of a tenon in a mortise, the split end of a bolt in a hole, or the like, by spreading the end as the wedge is driven in.
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During August 1992 a green foxtail (Setaria viridis (L.) Beauv.) plant with an unusual inflorescence was found at the Kansas State University Agricultural Research Center near Hays (Fig.
Green and yellow foxtail (Setaria glauca (L.)) are important weeds in cropland of the central plains region of North America.
Hitchcock (1950) described the morphologies of green and yellow foxtail inflorescences as cylindric, spikelike and, in the case of green foxtail, tapering toward the summit.
To help ensure that your dog doesn't come into contact with the weed in the first place, remove all foxtails from your lawn or yard by mowing the grass often, especially in late spring when the plant grows most rapidly.
When you're away from home, avoid areas where foxtails grow.
* "I know someone who lost two of her working dogs to foxtails in one year.
Foxtails don't exist in Texas, and we had absolutely no idea whatsoever that they were a hazard--and our backyard was full of them!
When foxtails flower, they unfurl soft and brush-like spikes that resemble the tail of the crafty canid that gives them their name.
In contrast, foxtails are uncannily stealthy, and begin to penetrate with unbelievable speed.
We have developed interspecific hybrids of foxtail with high fodder quality and stable seed production by the method of cultivating young embryo in vitro [8].
The purpose of the present work is studying of genetic polymorphism of intraspecific hybrids of foxtail by protein and DNA markers.
If a foxtail becomes stuck in a sensitive area such as near an eye or in an ear, however, immediately seek treatment from your veterinarian rather than attempting to remove it yourself.