fracture load

breaking load, failure load, fracture load, ultimate load

The load which, if placed upon a structure or test piece, is just great enough to break it.
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(10,35) A strong positive linear relationships between the thickness and fracture load for lithium disilicate glass ceramic was observed.
Influence of Restorative Techniques on Fracture Load of Endodontically Treated Premolars.
Fracture load data were analyzed using SPSS software (SPSS version 18.0 for Windows).
The fracture load, [], at different loading modes, [M.sub.e], is shown in Table 4, and the values of critical effective stress intensity factor (SIF) [K.sub.eff] at different loading mode [M.sub.e] were calculated and are shown in Table 4 and Figure 4.
9, the addition of MWCNTs is decreasing the fracture load. A further appreciable load deterioration was observed by adding also GPOSS.
The load-displacement curves for the specimens indicate a local failure load after which the load increases and then decreases slightly and continuously up to the point where the structural fracture load is reached.
The effect of the impact load on the rock's fracture load for different drilling parameters is determined; this provides a basis for optimizing the drilling parameters for lunar surface drilling and sampling.
The hardness has been measured, the relation of the hardness and microstructure to the impact fracture load has been examined.
The investigation covered the effect of crack depths from 0.2 mm to 0.05 mm on the yield load, the ultimate load, the fracture load and the displacement at fracture of wires with 12x5 mm and 12 x 7 mm cross-sectional dimensions.
2) in a fracture load study of any of the materials tested.