frame anchor

doorframe anchor

An adjustable device, fabricated of metal, used to attach a doorframe to the surrounding structure; also see jamb anchor.
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According to the supporting stability control characteristics of the construction process of prestressed frame anchor and relationships between the layers of anchor arrangement at various stages and the height of slope excavation, the unified calculation formula of excavation is established, and the optimal solution which is satisfied with each excavation stage on the stability is obtained.
There are two types of tie-downs: over-the-top straps and frame anchors. The over-the-top straps do just that, they lie over the siding and roof of the home.
Snyder's HDLPE barrel rack systems also employ a restraint frame anchored to a concrete floor.
A grey stuccoed stair tower containing a steel moment frame anchors the house, structurally and visually.
Many of the walkways used an existing apron drive footing for support, but some used the new spread frame anchored directly to the concrete apron using an epoxy bolt system.
A single screw at the base of the grip frame anchors the grip to the gun, so it takes only seconds to switch grips.
This simple clamp is allowed to butt up and rest against a buffer frame anchored into the shoreline rock bed.