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ST has developed and tested high performance algorithms for MPEG-2 to MPEG-2 bitstream and MPEG-2 to H.264 bitstream transcoding, both with bit-rate, frame rate and resolution change supported.
The more expensive models offer more storage for video archives, higher video frame rates, programmable video motion detection, computer network compatibility and a growing list of other sophisticated features.
To work within practical data rate limits, video conferencing software usually gives you a small window, reduced frame rates and lower audio quality.
There is a long history in psychophysics of the study of frame rate. Most of the research has focused on critical flicker frequency, which is the frame rate at which individual frames in a displayed series are no longer perceptible and the series of frames is perceived as one continuous display.
NASCAR Racing was a dreadful game, with a frame rate struggling to get into two-hand figures in SVGA mode; backdrops that never matched the detail levels on the cars, and a complex front end that buried the intricacies of car mechanics behind a million mouse clicks.
Generally, the higher the frame rate of the camera, the shorter the time interval that can be recorded and the more complex the timing to capture an event.
Sony has upgraded the capabilities of motion picture camera system, VENICE, by introducing High Frame Rate (HFR) shooting, advanced remote-control functionalities and Cooke/i3 and Zeiss extended metadata support, as part of its latest firmware update.
It's ( now confirmed that the small LCD screen on the Xbox Project Scorpio development kit is for a real-time frame rate counter.
Skyrim runs at a native 4K resolution and down-samples, but again suffers from frame rate drops.
The white paper also looks at how this changes production, post production, distribution and display of finished work, and provides a formula for calculating the size of frames with different resolution, dynamic range, colour gamut and frame rate.