frame tie

wall tie

wall ties
In masonry, a type of anchor (usually a metal strip) used to secure facing to a backup wall or to connect the two withes of a cavity wall; mortared into joints during setting. Also see butterfly wall tie, cavity wall tie, veneer wall tie.
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Maguire, from Glasgow, was 6-2 up at the time in the first to 10 frame tie.
Another deal with the Jordanian-Egyptian Fajr for Natural Gas Transmission and Supply company was signed to frame ties between the two sides in the field of natural gas sale.
The beefed-up side frame ties into the main frame rail, producing an additional load path for energy absorption.
The agreement comes within the aspirations of Bahrain's efforts to frame ties with GCC states in the area of investing youth energies, and asserting the support of the joint programmes, in addition to creating understanding youth leadership that are able to maintain progress and prosperity march.