frame wall

frame construction

Any building primarily supported by wood or steel structural members, or some combination thereof; see steel-frame construction and wood-frame construction.
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And look at the horizontal blocking of the fire wall frame wall where the garage demising wall intersects.
The screen frame's interlocking flange fully envelops the support ring of the screen, allowing the wire mesh of the screen to fully extend to the interior walls of the frame, eliminating the gap between the screen ring and frame wall of conventional screeners where material would collect.
Overall, wood species and, therefore, wood properties have significant effect on stiffness as well as creep deflection characteristics of the panel on frame wall cabinets.
The research object is a well thermally isolated timber frame wall.
Cohen, who left his executive post at Tandycrafts' Pinnacle Art & Frame wall decor division a year ago and has been consulting since, wanted to apply his knowledge of importing and mass retailing to this growing business segment.
On any kind of frame wall, even if the round penetrates at an angle, the more acute the angle, the more timber the round must penetrate inside the wall before it reaches you.
For example, selecting the menu WALL SECTION brings up the following choices: FOOTER, FOUNDATION WALL, FRAME FLOOR, FRAME WALL, FRAME ROOF and TRIM.
What if we use a frame wall as the "backup" wall rather than masonry?
It's pounds 360 from 4) This Family Time photo frame wall clock measures 40cm by 40cm and holds 12 photos.