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framed, ledged, and braced door

A framed and ledged door with the addition of one or more diagonal braces.
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Beyond gains and losses: The effect of need on risky choice in framed decisions.
Masashi, "Framed ALOHA for multiple RFID objects identification," IEICE Transactions on Communications, vol.
For example, Good (2008) analyzed how newspapers in the United States and Canada and major "international newspapers" framed the climate issue in 2007.
One of the most appealing features of Timber Framed Construction homes is that they are by far the most environmentally friendly way to build.
Byatt, convey this Romance to you, my readers," a line that would be physically intratextual, even as it framed the rest of the book in a cognitive fashion, providing both authorial and generic frames that are likely to position reader responses.
To reach new, young customers, custom framers will have to demonstrate the value in having an item custom framed. Younger customers may not realize the skill and craftsmanship that goes into custom framing or may not understand the preservation efforts undertaken, compared to a ready-made frame from one of the popular mass merchants.
Reports framed for readers in countries that oppose U.S.
In a chapter written immediately after the attacks of September 11, Lakoff argues that President Bush quickly framed the attacks as a strong father would: It's about good versus evil, and we need to wipe out this evil even if people get hurt.
It's a painting from roughly 1950, a seated female nude facing directly out at the viewer, her body lit by a window to her left and framed by a dark stretched canvas leaning against the wall behind her.
Then Dee goes back to the car, leaves the camera, and only then does she return, once again, this time to st ep into that world she has just framed, to greet her mother--not however with a dream-like hug, but with a kiss on the forehead.
Merchandising: In this arts and crafts shop, the three aisles of tabletop frames are located in the back of the store, surrounded by framed art and materials for framing.