framed house

wood-frame construction

Building construction in which exterior walls, load-bearing walls and partitions, floor and roof constructions, and their supports, are all built of wood. See balloon framing, iron framing, platform framing, post-and-beam framing, post-and-girt framing, western framing; also see timber-framed building, timber-framed house. Compare with steel-frame construction.
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The pictures of Jennifer and Colin Creese's self-built oak framed house featured last week were taken by Jeremy Phillips
The vine-obscured, wood framed house is on the market for $8.
Black-and-white timber framed house Moated, with a Hazel walk.
Indeed,on one site in Cardiff, a steel framed house was erected in six weeks.
And the first house they visit is indeed an oak framed house although that's not at first apparent.
ORGANISER S behind the restoration of a prestigious Grammer School with one of the oldest histories in the Midlands and a 15th century timber framed house in Kings Norton, the winners of BBC Restoration 2004, are appealing for sponsors.
A remarkable oak framed house, Neuadd Cynhinfa in Dolannog, takes centre stage in the programme.
Included in the pounds 325,000 asking price is the photogenic, timber framed house thought to date from the 16th century and with later additions.
We have been building wooden framed houses in Europe for centuries, but most houses in England are brick and block.
For areas such as entrance facilities, exhibition and catering areas and government departments erection of temporary containment framed houses are needed.
95 CODE: 32125 Stratford &Warwick Departs 23 March 2013 Visit Shakespeare country, with its rolling countryside, quaint timber framed houses and attractions connected with the famous bard on this great value break.