framed partition

framed partition, trussed partition

A partition consisting of a covering applied to framing of studs, struts, and braces which form a truss.
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On the other hand, if it is a timber framed partition the water could soak through into the timber framing, causing wet rot or even worse, a dry rot attack.
Tenders are invited for Urgent special repairs to taluk office kozhikode - providing aluminium framed partition and shelves
Tenders are invited for Providing mineral fibre acoustical suspended False ceiling in the EE /MM room in second floor and vinyl flooring in the SE /P&A chamber in second floor and providing Internal Aluminium framed Partition in the office of the EE/O&E room in third floor in the Service Building of MTPS II.
alternates: alt #1 includes new or relocated wood framed doors & relite assemblies within new gwb/metal framed partitions at conference rooms 1910,1914,1928,1930,1955,2110,2142,2210,2238 and 2280 instead of steelcase privacy wall, door and relite assemblies.