framed square


In joinery, framing having all the angles of its stiles, rails, and mountings square, without being molded.
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The show's only truly colorless painting, Framed Square with Open Center II, 2013, has been washed with gray, granting it distinctive architectural associations.
This mimics the look of a Polaroid, creating framed square images with a bit more grain and texture.
Number of Blocks & Finished Size 3 Framed Square Blocks 12" x 12"
Intricately constructed of walnut, beech, and poplar, finished or painted white in places and elsewhere left raw, this three-section, fencelike structure combines disparate forms of decorative details ranging from a pair of eyeglasses, graphically rendered in black paint on white panel lofted above the viewer like a shop sign, to a framed square of bright red caning mounted at eye level.
Shop Teal fish print (Framed Square Blocks) 2 3/8 yds.
Sew red floral 6 1/2" strips to the top and bottom to make a Framed Square Block.
In similar manner and referring to Diagram I-B, make remaining Framed Rectangle Blocks and Framed Square Blocks in fabrics and quantities shown.
Sew matching 12 1/2" strips to top and bottom to make framed square. Follow manufacturer's instructions for paper-backed fusible web.
Sew medium gray 8 1/2" strips to top and bottom to make Framed Square Block.
10 Framed Square Blocks 10" x 10" 10 Economy Patch Blocks 10" x 10"
Framed squares offset with long strips of borders creates a striking contemporary quilt.
I took the small floating blocks from Cluster Class and combined them with the larger framed squares from a pattern called Outside the Box (The Modern Quilt Workshop).