framed square


In joinery, framing having all the angles of its stiles, rails, and mountings square, without being molded.
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Number of Blocks & Finished Size 3 Framed Square Blocks 12" x 12"
The show's only truly colorless painting, Framed Square with Open Center II, 2013, has been washed with gray, granting it distinctive architectural associations.
This mimics the look of a Polaroid, creating framed square images with a bit more grain and texture.
Stitch teal 3 1/2" x 9 1/2" rectangles to top and bottom of joined squares as shown to make Framed Square Block.
Intricately constructed of walnut, beech, and poplar, finished or painted white in places and elsewhere left raw, this three-section, fencelike structure combines disparate forms of decorative details ranging from a pair of eyeglasses, graphically rendered in black paint on white panel lofted above the viewer like a shop sign, to a framed square of bright red caning mounted at eye level.
Sew red floral 6 1/2" strips to the top and bottom to make a Framed Square Block.
In similar manner and referring to Diagram I-B, make remaining Framed Rectangle Blocks and Framed Square Blocks in fabrics and quantities shown.
Finger press framed square in half on length, width, and both diagonals; use folds as placement guide.
Sew medium gray 8 1/2" strips to top and bottom to make Framed Square Block.
10 Framed Square Blocks 10" x 10" 10 Economy Patch Blocks 10" x 10"
I took the small floating blocks from Cluster Class and combined them with the larger framed squares from a pattern called Outside the Box (The Modern Quilt Workshop).
She updates the Bonesteel techniques with pieced fabric frames that step away from the traditional framed squares and gives an all-over design to the quilt top such as Irish Chain or Broken Dishes.