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(computer science)
Subdivisions of a browser window, with each section containing a separate Web page.
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An HTML layout feature that renders multiple documents (HTML files) on a Web page at the same time. Frames are used on websites similar to the way applications display multiple windows. It enables static data to be visible all the time while other data are scrolled. For example, a menu can be located at the top of the page with links to articles below. The articles can be scrolled without changing the position of the menu on the page.

The frame may contain content from a different site, just like links on websites can retrieve Web pages from any server. Frames automatically provide scroll bars if the content is larger than the frame window.

A Contentious Feature
Frames have been controversial since day one on the Web. Earlier browsers did not render frames the same or perhaps not at all, which is why framed sites typically offer a "no-frames" version. Users cannot always bookmark a frame, and clicking the browser's Back and Forward buttons may not move the content in the frame you want.

Frames can also point to an HTML document on any third-party server and give the appearance that the content is coming from the same site. This enables content to be easily aggregated, but also lets third-party content be stolen from another site unless precautions are taken on that site (see framekiller).

In addition, frames may be avoided by the Web developer because search engines may not index the content correctly. Frames are also not that friendly to audio browsers for the visually impaired (see audio browser). See frameset, iFrame and Xframes.

HTML Frames
The HTML frames feature is used to partition the page into windows, and the content within a window can be scrollable or static. The iFrame is an independent HTML frame that can be placed anywhere on the page just like text and graphics. If the iFrame is in a scrollable frame, then it would scroll off screen like any other objects on the page.
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There is no room to tell how the experienced Melissa found a far-off frame so messed and mishandled by abandoned cell-building experiments that, for very shame, the bees never went there.
Sacharissa rounded up her rearguard, which dropped headlong off the frame, and joined the Princess's detachment thrusting toward the Gate.
They heard a frame crack stickily, saw it heaved high and twirled round between enormous hands--a blotched, bulged, and perished horror of grey wax, corrupt brood, and small drone-cells, all covered with crawling Oddities, strange to the sun.
Another girl would have kept her baby out of sight, but Tony, of course, must have its picture on exhibition at the town photographer's, in a great gilt frame. How like her!
She watched him as he raised the frame and jerked it down with a strong swiftness which her less powerful wrists had never been able to achieve.
I opened that hive because I wanted you to drop the frame, as my brother did, and get stung, as he was; because I thought that would drive you away, because I thought then that I didn't want you down here.
The bronze panels suddenly slid up and struck the frame with a clang.
Sergey Ivanovitch had caught nothing, but he was not bored, and seemed in the most cheerful frame of mind.
By the frame of the government under which we live, this same people have wisely given their public servants but little power for mischief; and have, with equal wisdom, provided for the return of that little to their own hands at very short intervals.
But instead of the door frame his head and shoulders came in contact with the warm flesh of a pair of living legs.
THE SECOND point to be examined is, whether the convention were authorized to frame and propose this mixed Constitution.
They were to frame a NATIONAL GOVERNMENT, adequate to the EXIGENCIES OF GOVERNMENT, and OF THE UNION; and to reduce the articles of Confederation into such form as to accomplish these purposes.