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1. Anne. 1929--45, German Jewess, whose Diary (1947) recorded the experiences of her family while in hiding from the Nazis in Amsterdam (1942--44). They were betrayed and she died in a concentration camp
2. Robert. born 1924, US photographer and film maker, born in Switzerland; best known for his photographic book The Americans (1959)


a member of a group of West Germanic peoples who spread from the east bank of the middle Rhine into the Roman Empire in the late 4th century ad, gradually conquering most of Gaul and Germany. The Franks achieved their greatest power under Charlemagne
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To form a miter joint in a sash frame at the intersection of a crosspiece.
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["Using BINS for Interprocess Communication", P.C.J. Graham, SIGPLAN Notices 20(2):32-41 (Feb 1985)].
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It is also the frankest acknowledgment yet by a top American official of the degree to which the controversy has damaged US-Israeli relations.
The subsequent colloquy between Arbaces and Panthea, isolated momentarily from all those who attempt to shape their identities, is the play's frankest confrontation with the failure of designation to account for character.
Yet the frankest and most emotionally charged evidence of attitudes about the death of Jews were the rare notes made by soldiers and officers--Jews and non-Jews alike--upon encountering the bodies of murdered civilians.
"It's probably the frankest assessment that there is no public demand for space exploration, that we really don't have a goal clearly stated and that the program that is being carried out won't get us anywhere," said expert John Logsdon.
Reynolds says the naked dance and mirrored walls were standard, saying of the Paris bordellos, "[The ladies] will parade before you in frankest nudity, and dance with one another in a mirror-walled room, so that of their charms, you may miss nothing" (50).
She underwent heart surgery in 2001 but the new millennium ushered in some of her boldest and frankest work, in collections such as Runaway and Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage.
(4) Julian describes the letters as "written in the freest and frankest manner" with an "unreserved expression of character and opinions;" he predicts that the letters will "give a view of Hawthorne's nature such as has not heretofore been accessible to the public" and "will considerably modify the conventional idea of him" (602).
Mark Twain said: "The frankest and freest and 'privatest' product of the human mind and heart is a love letter."
Yet even at their frankest, some questions, like sexual relationships, are never addressed, so that marriage is presented primarily as a meeting of minds and common interests.
Speaking just one day after Egypt's controversial Muslim Brotherhood-backed new constitution was signed in to law, Ashraf Hamdy's comments are the frankest yet on Egypt's rapprochement with the party, and another sign of just how far "New Egypt's" regional foreign policy has shifted from that of the previous regime headed by ousted President Hosni Mubarak.