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1. Anne. 1929--45, German Jewess, whose Diary (1947) recorded the experiences of her family while in hiding from the Nazis in Amsterdam (1942--44). They were betrayed and she died in a concentration camp
2. Robert. born 1924, US photographer and film maker, born in Switzerland; best known for his photographic book The Americans (1959)


a member of a group of West Germanic peoples who spread from the east bank of the middle Rhine into the Roman Empire in the late 4th century ad, gradually conquering most of Gaul and Germany. The Franks achieved their greatest power under Charlemagne


To form a miter joint in a sash frame at the intersection of a crosspiece.


["Using BINS for Interprocess Communication", P.C.J. Graham, SIGPLAN Notices 20(2):32-41 (Feb 1985)].
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They are hideously inadequate." A quick run through the Franking Commission's 70-page "Rules on the Use of the Congressional Frank" goes a long way toward showing how members can evade the restrictions.
That's why, from now on, the franking privilege should be extended only to replies to queries from constituents or government officials.