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1. Anne. 1929--45, German Jewess, whose Diary (1947) recorded the experiences of her family while in hiding from the Nazis in Amsterdam (1942--44). They were betrayed and she died in a concentration camp
2. Robert. born 1924, US photographer and film maker, born in Switzerland; best known for his photographic book The Americans (1959)


a member of a group of West Germanic peoples who spread from the east bank of the middle Rhine into the Roman Empire in the late 4th century ad, gradually conquering most of Gaul and Germany. The Franks achieved their greatest power under Charlemagne
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To form a miter joint in a sash frame at the intersection of a crosspiece.
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["Using BINS for Interprocess Communication", P.C.J. Graham, SIGPLAN Notices 20(2):32-41 (Feb 1985)].
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A judge at Teesside Crown Court said he was able to suspend a jail sentence because of Stroud's frankness and guilty plea
However, surprisingly, it's not Trump's racism statement that made the GOP frightened and outraged but his frankness in showing such an attitude.
We are delighted that you are embarking on your second tenure as BCCI Chairman because you bring to this high office a reputation of integrity and frankness. I assure you of my full cooperation with BCCI and look forward to a meeting with you in the near future, he added.
An inquest into the deaths of three army reservists heard that the experienced winchman had been left shocked by the frankness of the response.
when called to fatal scene ' "I was shocked by his frankness," he added.
Full of questions and rife with grief, this novel is a search for meaning in tragedy told with a frankness that nevertheless manages to feel almost poetic in tone.
He said that a "fearless frankness" is needed when discussing topic that the body deems taboo.
He said the report was important not only for its openness, transparency and frankness but also because it could become an enduring point of reference for social consensus.
The treatment of Palestinian prisoners, the Oslo Accords, the first Intifada, and domestic terrorism are all analyzed with refreshing and sometimes surprising frankness.
He was thanked for his engaging talk and his frankness during the following question and answer session by Francis Christie, chairman of the Hereford and Worcester branch of the IoD in the West Midlands.
For his part, Syria's Grand Mufti, Sheikh Ahmad Badr al-Din Hassoun said that during the current stage, all preachers should embrace reconciliation and frankness, calling on scholars not to stand on neutral, reminding that they have to call for amity and tolerance.