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borough (1990 pop. 10,742), seat of Monmouth co., E central N.J.; settled c.1650, called Monmouth Courthouse (1715–1801), inc. as a town 1869, as a borough 1919. A former farm-trade and factory center, the borough is now a commercial hub for fast-growing surrounding Freehold Township and neighboring suburbs. St. Peter's Episcopal Church dates from c.1683. The Revolutionary War battle of Monmouth (see Monmouth, battle ofMonmouth, battle of,
in the American Revolution, fought June 28, 1778, near the village of Monmouth Courthouse (now Freehold, N.J.). Gen. George Washington chose this location to attack the British troops, who were retreating from Philadelphia to New York City. Gen.
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) took place nearby in 1778.


see tenuretenure,
in law, manner in which property in land is held. The nature of tenure has long been of great importance, both in law and in the broader economic and political context.
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a term for various forms of feudal landholding in medieval England. The concept of freehold in English common law included the holdings possessed by knights on condition of military service, the rented lands held by peasants and urban dwellers, and the holdings of the church. In a narrower sense, a freehold was a free holding within a manor; it was juridically contrasted to the holding of a villein and, from the 15th century, to the copyhold.

The peasant freeholder characteristically enjoyed personal freedom and the right of defense in the royal courts. He paid a relatively low fixed rent and had the right to dispose freely of his holding through devisal, partition, or alienation. By the late 12th century, these conditions had enabled the most prosperous peasant freeholders to attain a status close to that of petty feudal landowners. At the same time, the process of class differentiation among the peasantry entailed the impoverishment of most small peasant freeholders, whose status was reduced to that of villeins, later known as copyholders. The freehold was the form of landholding that provided the most favorable conditions for the transformation of land into bourgeois property.


1. A form of tenure of property held in fee simple, fee tail, or for life.
2. Property so held.


Property law
a. tenure by which land is held in fee simple, fee tail, or for life
b. an estate held by such tenure
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However, the 1985 Housing Act states that there is an exception for charities which own freeholds, which are not obliged to extend a lease or sell the freehold for houses on their land.
Diyar Al Muharraq witnessed tremendous response to its freehold development concept, Al Qamra, with over 90 per cent of available plots sold since the project was officially opened to the public and sales for the first phase of Al Qamra started in June 2016.
So, if you are buying a new home and it's a house - not a flat - make sure you check very carefully whether it's freehold or leasehold.
According to Freehold Capital Partners, five percent of every assessment dollar goes back into the community for diverse public benefits such as open space, volunteer fire departments, and of course, affordable housing.
Ryan said: "It was nice to help out - one Freehold person helping out another.
Last year Freehold also bought royalty interests from Penn West Petroleum for C$321 million and the Husky deal takes its total fee lands to 1 million acres, and total royalty lands to 5.
However, we received significant interest for freehold units of around 5,000 sq ft and we therefore agreed to subdivide the property into three separate units.
Abu Dhabi has been reviewing the economic environment for investments and within this activity there could be one on freehold titles to projects in select investment zones," said Matthew Dadd, Associate Director at Knight Frank.
Three days before, the club had called on Coun Lucas to clarify whether the council was prepared to discuss a freehold sale, based on independent valuations.
But his informant has a very eccentric interpretation of our proposal to raise money by being prepared to sell the freehold interests it owns of the villas around the Park, which are on long leases.
Municipality officials said on Tuesday that all owners of freehold property will have to register their plot and will be granted a "deed of title" for the first time.