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1pm - DJ's welcome note 1:45pm - Gold Gym's Zumba Fusion Class 2:25pm - Football Freestylers Show 4:20pm - Ballet Show 5pm -Les Mills Body Combat Workout 6:10pm - Sunset Yoga by YogaFest 7:25pm - Barre FlyWheel 9pm - Imagine Show
While it has helped him gain enough following to spread his music, it has also limited him in so far as being labeled as only a freestyler, which Skarm finds frustrating.
The Mamba ball has been endorsed by some of the world's top freestylers - athletes who perform jaw-dropping skills and tricks with the ball.
Lynn Stainsby, Captain L Cook Square centre manager, said: "Noel is one of the world's top football freestylers and we were excited to welcome him and his skills to Middlesbrough for our half-term holiday free event."
BMX freestylers, who have performed all over the world, will also be showcasing their skills in a synchronised performance of balancing moves and one-wheel spins, among other tricks.
The Frisbee freestylers are a group of acrobatic performers, who are former world champions in their field. street tHeatre extravaGanza stafford town centre saturday July 9, 11am-4pm FOOTBALL freestylers, street dancers, and hilarious lollypop ladies.
On the music front, latest names include the mighty Soma Records, Tinie Tempah, DJ Fergie, The Maccabees, Crystal Castles, Norman Jay, Alabama 3, Freestylers and loads more.
Amidst a lot of frenzy and hype, freestylers Nam the Man (Hoai-Nam Nguyen) from Ireland and Palle (Rickard SjE[micro]lander) from Sweden balanced and played with the ball while demonstrating their mastery, leaving the audience thrilled and cheering.
The Tony Rust Race Track, just outside the capital will be the venue on 21 November when some of the world's best freestylers grace Namibia with their performances.
Even the scorching heat will not be enough to stop football freestylers in the UAE from showing off their skills.Red Bull Street Style will witness its first qualifier round on Friday, at Al Jazeera Club in Abu Dhabi between 4pm and 9pm.Each freestyler will have