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those who arrive at conclusions, particularly in questions of religion, by employing the rules of reason while rejecting supernatural authority or ecclesiastical tradition. The freethinkers believe that independence of thought from such authority leads all men to essentially identical conclusions concerning morality and religion. The name came into general use in the 18th cent. after the publication (1713) of Anthony Collins's Discourse of Freethinking Occasioned by the Rise and Growth of a Sect Called Freethinkers. The movement took different forms in different countries. In England it was intimately connected with deism but did not break completely with traditional Christianity. It took a more radical form in France. Voltaire renounced all connection with Christianity, and the Encyclopedists broke with religion altogether. Freethinking also has an important social side and influenced the philosophies of the Freemasons and, in France, the Culte de l'Être Suprême. In the United States the organizations established to further freethinking include the American Rationalist Association, the American Secular Union, and the Freethinkers of America. The International Order for Ethics and Culture, organized at Bern in 1908, is designed to investigate the ethical factors in society without theological or metaphysical bias.
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However, the outstanding merit of his ruminations and swinging moods and orientations is his monumental inventory book 400 Years of Freethought (1894) counting more than 140 portraits of secularists and freethinkers (Schmidt 2016, 54-55).
Black Freethinkers of Chicago hosts a weekly radio show on Blog Talk
The Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines and the Electronic Commerce Act protect the creators of written works, which mandate that their works should be attributed to them when used publicly by others, said the complainants who also included University of the Philippines' Centre for Women's Studies Director Dr Sylvia Estrada-Claudio, De La Salle Political Science Professor Dr Antonio Contreras, and Filipino Freethinkers President Red Tani.
Every person in the philosophical family of Freethinkers and Secular Humanists will like this book.
Freethinkers includes stories of many Americans who challenged religion and, thus, were either erased from textbooks or had their views revised in order to remain.
omitted all the anti-religious elements he had intended to include in it) is simply a myth, as amply revealed by the reports of his contemporaries, who never doubted for a moment that the work was a powerful salvo from the battery of the freethinkers against the orthodox defenders of the Christian religion.
Freethinkers want to be able to live their lives without being told what to do by any religion.
15) "We were not believers and the Forverts naturally had an anti-religious character," Cahan later explained in his autobiography, "But a large part of the Jewish working population was religious, and a workers' paper, I believed, must not be limited to one class of workers, the freethinkers.
Her parents were freethinkers (her mother was Mary Wollstonecraft) who taught her to be liberated from society's restraints, but even they frowned on her elopement.
While some articles are written by freethinkers or nonbelievers and reveal a decidedly atheistic perspective, others are by believers seeking reform, justice, or a better understanding of various negative aspects of different religions.
She reveals what she argues that the Framers and many other leading Americans really believed--in their own words--rescuing the Founders from images of dusty, pompous old men in powdered wigs, and resurrecting them as the revolutionaries they truly were: a hodgepodge of freethinkers, Deists, agnostics, Christians, atheists, and Freemasons, radicals all.
Offerings from the likes of BMW, Jaguar and Mercedes are status symbols, yes, but Citroen believe they no longer offer individuality - so the C6 is marketed as a choice for freethinkers.