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The formation of a continuous ice cover on a body of water.
(mechanical engineering)
Abnormal operation of a refrigerating unit because ice has formed at the expansion device.
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the formation of solid ice on the surface of a body or stream of water; the period during which there is a solid layer of ice on a river or body of water. Areas of rapid current or inflow of warm waters—for example, effluent or groundwater—may remain free of ice and are called lanes or polynyas.

The duration of a freeze-up and the thickness of the ice depend on the duration and temperature conditions of the winter, the characteristics of the body of water, the depth of snow cover, and the wind conditions (for example, on bodies of water of the Eastern European Plain, the ice freezing period lasts several days in the southern parts and up to six or seven months in the north; the thickness of the ice varies from 20–30 cm to 1 m or more, respectively). Small rivers and quiet pools freeze more rapidly than large rivers. Mountain streams usually do not freeze over because of the fast current.

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Particularly good in freeze-ups when giant icicles hang from the falls.
20 YEARS AGO THIS WEEK IN one of the most ferocious freeze-ups of the century, the whole country is grinding to a halt, and more importantly, the horse racing calendar in Britain is decimated.
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"We had to go through several software upgrades to the interface between the autoloader and the platesetter before we could eliminate intermittent system crashes and freeze-ups."
Significant environmental changes observed in the last decade, such as late freeze-ups, melting sea ice, shrinking permafrost layers, and evidence of northern range expansions for some species, suggest that climate change is already having effects in the Arctic.
It was engineered specifically to run Windows, making it far more resistant to crashes or freeze-ups. Since Windows 98 will be the last of Microsoft's hybrid operating systems, the death of DOS may finally, after many premature announcements, be imminent.
Factory Mutual also provides preparation suggestions for floods, roof collapses, severe winds and freeze-ups, and users can download a number of free emergency planning and response documents.
This design is said to offer high heat-transfer rates and to be especially forgiving of freeze-ups, says Benson.
Several innovative methods to reduce service line freeze-ups have been developed over the years.
The section says the coolants are specially formulated to protect large, stationary Diesel engines--including engines used in gas transmission compressor station service--against overheating, winter freeze-ups and corrosion.