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However if the air mass cools further or lift is increased, freezing fog can transition to a freezing drizzle condition with heavier icing potential.
A feasibility study [6] carried out at the RTA IWT with the new configuration showed that conditions for "Freezing Drizzle MVD < 40 [micro]m and "Freezing Rain MVD < 40 [micro]m" cannot be met in the current IWT setup.
Zhou, "The effect of freezing drizzle, sleet and snow on microphysical characteristics of supercooled fog during the icing process in a mountainous area," Atmosphere, vol.
But, a wide variety of precipitation types occurs at temperatures near 0[degrees]C including freezing rain, freezing drizzle, ice pellets, snow pellets, and wet snow that can occur alone or in combinations.
The FAA says SLDs, which can come in the form of freezing rain or freezing drizzle, may impinge aft of existing icing protection systems on an airfoil "negatively affecting aircraft performance and handling qualities".
Yet the omens had been as dark as the clouds that shrouded Bucharest from the moment the Rangers party touched down on Tuesday, spitting freezing drizzle on to streets that were as colourless as its people who went about their daily grind hunched into coats, scarves and gloves.
Terrible conditions did not devalue the football provided by two teams that kept going through driving, freezing drizzle.
The storm was blamed for the death of at least two people ( a North Dakota couple who were killed when their car overturned as snow and freezing drizzle covered the road.
The storm was blamed for at least two other deaths - a North Dakota couple who died when their car overturned as snow and freezing drizzle covered the road.
As general rules of thumb, do not takeoff: until all ice and snow have been removed from the aircraft, under conditions of freezing rain or freezing drizzle (AFI 11-202V3, ACC SUP 1).
Handing out photocopied portraits of Alexander in the freezing drizzle, Sergei, 55, told the Daily Mirror: "We have no information, we are forced to rely on our own sources and our own strength.
Nasty freezing drizzle had coated the porch and when I checked the county road, the asphalt was black ice.