frequency counter

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frequency counter

[′frē·kwən·sē ‚kau̇nt·ər]
An electronic counter used to measure frequency by counting the number of cycles in an electric signal during a preselected time interval.

Frequency counter

An electronic instrument used to precisely measure the frequency of an input signal. Frequency counters are commonly used in laboratories, factories, and field environments to provide direct frequency measurements of various devices. The most common applications for frequency counters are measurement and characterization of oscillator and transmitter frequencies. See Oscillator

There are several classes of frequency counters. Basic frequency counters provide measurement of frequency only. Universal counter-timers are two-channel instruments that provide measurement of frequency, period, phase, totalize (the total number of pulses generated by some type of event over the duration of an experiment), ratio (of frequencies on two channels), and time intervals such as pulse width or rise time. Microwave counters are an extension of basic frequency counters offering coverage of microwave frequency ranges to 40 GHz and beyond.

The three main architectures are conventional counting, reciprocal counting, and continuous counting. Conventional counting is the oldest and simplest but has the lowest performance and the least measurement flexibility. A conventional counter uses a simple register to count each cycle of the input signal during a 1-s measurement gate time.

Reciprocal counting is the most common architecture. It provides improved performance and flexibility over conventional counting. The main gate is set by the user and determines the nominal time over which the measurement is to be made (measurement gate time).

Continuous counting is based on the reciprocal technique, but employs high-speed digital circuits to continuously sample the contents of the count registers. These continuous samples can be digitally processed to provide improved resolution to as many as 12 digits in 1 s of measurement time.

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Tenders are invited for Supply of 110 Mhz Function-pulse Generator 40 Mhz frequency counter sine, I square, tringle, ramp, pulse and TTL out put 20 VPP output and DC j offset Scientech Model-4061
As text messages that contained lies were separated from those that remained truthful, the Cornell researchers used a word frequency counter.
Various functions for measuring Tx characteristics, including wireless transmitter spurious, adjacent channel leakage power, spectrum masks, and frequency counter, are standard in the MS2840A.
The oscilloscopes can display 23 automatic measurements, including those made with a built-in frequency counter.
Additional software options are available to measure AM noise floor and signal statistics such as HDEV, TDEV, MDEV and jitter, and for use as a frequency counter and for mask testing.
To further save space in a field kit, FieldFox analysers can be ordered with a built-in power meter, independent signal generator, vector voltmeter, interference analysis, variable DC source, frequency counter and built-in GPS receiver.
Additionally, the generator's large display is useful as a graphical frequency counter with on-screen charting.
In any event, if measurements with the beat frequency locked agree well with results obtained with the repetition frequency locked, this can serve as a cross check to give confidence in both the frequency counter and in the [f.
The company states that the product is PC controlled, with five ABI instrument modules (standard), and features include digital and analog IC testing, digital oscilloscope, digital multimeter, function generator, frequency counter, variable power supply and universal I/O.
The USBee DX provides a 2 analog and 16 digital channel Logic Analyzer/Oscilloscope, click and drag instant decode of embedded bus transactions (including I2C, SPI, ASYNC, CAN, USB low and full speed, I2S, SM-Bus, PS/2 and 1-Wire), digital voltmeter, data logger, digital signal generator, pulse width modulator, frequency counter, frequency generator, I2C Controller, and pulse counter.
Is customizable by digital I/O, power source, picoammeter, time interval analyzer, quad clock, frequency counter, etc.
GAO investigators at liquidation sales purchased ceramic body armor inserts currently used by deployed troops, a cesium technology timing unit with global positioning capabilities, a universal frequency counter, 2 guided missile radar test sets, 12 digital microcircuits used in F-14 fighter aircraft, and numerous other items.

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