fresh-air intake

outside-air intake

An opening or inlet through which outside air is brought into an air-conditioning system or into a boiler room. Also called a fresh-air intake.
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Additionally, the agency advises those impacted by smoke keep their indoor air as clean as possible, by closing windows and doors, running an air conditioner with the fresh-air intake closed, and cleaning the air conditioner filter to prevent outdoor smoke from getting inside.
Most importantly, the ACS incorporates a non-regenerative blower design with dedicated turbines and a filtered fresh-air intake, providing powerful performance without costly compressed air.
Another advance Vannan points to is the incorporation of motorized dampers where fresh-air intake is eliminated or reduced at times when it isn't needed like at night or during "normal" carbon dioxide levels.
Those can include the engine's fresh-air intake. Like a pitot tube or any other fresh-air inlet on the airframe, if enough ice accumulates at the right (wrong) spot, the opening will become obstructed.
The fresh-air intake and exhaust pipes would run up through Fred's existing chimney.