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Unweathered in reference to a rock or rock surface.
Pertaining to air which is stimulating and refreshing.



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In this complicated dilemma, Mr Veneering approaches the large man with extended hand and, smilingly assures that incorrigible personage that he is delighted to see him: who in his fatal freshness instantly replies:
Could I keep the feeling that now possesses me, the garden would every day be virgin soil, with the earth's first freshness in the flavor of its beans and squashes; and the house
Zest Fresh, according to a Zest Labs spokesman, is the only freshness management solution that leverages the Internet of Things to autonomously track and report in real time the freshness of products from harvest to store, in its work with a premium supplier of seedless Holiday grapes.
The chefs in Inagiku, said Ishikawa, can tell freshness from years of experience.
When it comes to dairy, there is no substitute for freshness and this is something Fonterra takes great pride in.
This version, for instance, combines soft apple and pear fruit with a touch of spice and a food-friendly savoury edge - along with tangy orange centred citrus influences that provide freshness that provide freshness 2013 Extra Special Gavi (Currently PS6 at Asda) Unlike the verdicchio just mentioned, Gavi is very much on trend at present and this example fully justifies that star status.
As the thrilling day unfolded, the freshness in each talented contestant surprised the judges making it evident that Aligarh city has a lot of unexplored talent and poise in store.
Freshness Plus active barrier films protect packaged baked goods from oxygen exposure while preserving flavor, aroma and appearance.
Here we have new, fail-safe eau de cologne fragrances with a whiff of freshness and everything in between.
This extended freshness capability allows for expanded retail distribution possibilities, fuller shelves for enhanced selling opportunities, reduced stales and increased sales resulting from an extended sales window, said the company.
Manufacturers are working to compete with fresh vegetables by boosting the freshness appeal of their products, with verbiage like "frozen at the peak of freshness" and "fresh taste" on the packaging.