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(mechanical engineering)
An insulated, cooled compartment.
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What does it mean when you dream about a refrigerator?

A refrigerator can represent a nurturing of the spirit as well as sustenance for the body. Opening the refrigerator door and standing there looking in and seeing the refrigerator amply supplied, without having to partake from it, many times reassures a person that what he or she seeks is really there for the taking.

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A container and a means of cooling it, such as a commercial refrigerator, service refrigerator, etc.
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Starting next month, diners will have the option to buy a meal for BD1 to be placed in one of the fridges and write a motivational note on a board in the restaurant that will be delivered with the meals.
Customers also complained that another one of the company's fridges was (!msg/calendar/UhfpcwO0X0c/paA4iQNen9IJ) unable to connect to Google Calendar for over a year.
He said: "I will run over to the winner's house with the fridge T-shirts, signed pictures and Tony the fridge goodies.
Designers at the Chinese manufacturer say the screen is good for the environment as you don't need to open the fridge to see what's inside, so the fridge doesn't need to use energy to cool itself down again.
Elmira ( offers a 1950s retro kegerator fridge that includes everything but the keg.
One final note: the Energy Star site recommends that you recycle your old fridge via the retailer, your state energy office or local waste pickup.
If the demand for electricity is high, the device responds by switching the fridge motors off.
According to Tony his favourite moment with his trusted fridge was when he brought it surfing in Strandhill, Co Sligo - a favourite haunt of Westlife's Kian Egan.
More than two-thirds of people admit to cleaning their fridges once a month, while 22 per cent confess to only cleaning it twice a year or less, according to findings published by fridge manufacturer Lec.
This is the moment when Fridge watches in disbelief as his plan to outwit loanshark Dancer fails.
Depending upon the exact specification, prices for the Fridge to Go vehicles start from as little as 99.00 [pounds sterling] a week and include full repair and maintenance on both the vehicles and refrigeration units throughout the agreed hire period; 24 hour roadside assistance; and the immediate provision of relief vehicles if required.