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This will be followed by a briefing on security and health aboard the frigate, according to Lincuna.
The Senate committee recently launched an inquiry into the frigate acquisition project of the Philippine Navy amid allegations the President's assistant Christopher Go interfered in the defense contract.
But Lorenzana said choosing Tacticos would cost an additional $7 million per frigate.
The Senate minority bloc has pushed for the investigation of the frigate acquisition project, which the defense department, through its spokesman, Arsenio Andolong, has welcomed.
Sailors of both navies visited each other's frigate.
If A&P's bid for the frigate contract proves successful, the company could see it gain more contracts with the MOD to build more ships in the future.
Sir Michael said: "We hope that other navies around the world will buy the frigate as well.
Eight of those Type 23s are specifically equipped for anti-submarine warfare and these will be replaced on a one-for-one basis by the new Type 26 frigate.
He also told Good Morning Scotland: "The Clyde are getting eight frigates, the anti-submarine frigates, without competition and that is 20 years of work for just one yard.
The frigate is sailing toward the western part of the Black Sea, the source told Sputnik.
Manila: The Philippine government has signed an agreement with South Korean shipbuilder Hyundai Heavy Industries for the construction and delivery of two missile-equipped frigates.
What no one seems to grasp is that, if half the cost of a frigate is tied up in all the electronics, then you could put one electronic suite into a single, big vessel that displaced the weight of four frigates and recoup the cost of one and a half frigates through savings of electronics