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A 90-minute catamaran voyage from Antigua's capital, St John's, links the two islands, and from there it's a fiveminute boat trip to the obliging frigate birds. But be warned: it's a choppy sea trip, too choppy for some of the greengilled passengers.
The male frigate bird, to select one at random, in an effort to attract a mate, sits in a prominent position and puffs his bright red neck out.
the frigate bird is one of the more colourful inhabitants of the Galapagos islands
The great frigate bird is also courting this time of year; watch the males inflate their red throat pouches.
The next drift we picked up a frigate bird, and Pepe saw another explosion.
A frigate bird swooping down to the surface should get a dolphin angler's adrenaline flowing.
He will peel off into the blue to go after a frigate bird or showering bait as the opportunities arise.
Lighthouse Bay Resort, an exclusive private island getaway in Barbuda, Eastern Caribbean, just a 15-minute flight from Antigua, provides its guests with an up close and personal encounter with the world[sup.1]s largest frigate bird sanctuary.
If you're lucky enough to find a frigate bird chasing bait on the surface, there is an excellent chance that a big dolphin is waiting for you to throw it a snack.