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see man-o'-war birdman-o'-war bird
or frigate-bird,
most aerial of the water birds, found in the tropic seas. The man-o'-war bird's wingspread (7 1-2 ft/228.5 cm) is the largest in proportion to its body (3–4 lb/1.4–1.8 kg) of any bird.
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Adoption could be an important conservation strategy for breeding populations of magnificent frigate-birds, especially in regions with occurring environmental stresses or in colonies where productivity could fall below historical averages.
Starting about in May, we'll get a run of decent ones, typically chasing flyingfish, indicated by frigate-birds, typically not too far out, in 200 to 500 feet of water, which here is about 4 to 6 miles out off the beach," Thomas says.
Oceangoing frigate-birds that nest on Long Key are truly magnificent when they soar in formation over the fort's ramparts.