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As Catholic sisters, we're all about being with people at the margins," Campbell says after the rally, catching a quick rest inside the frigidly airconditioned bus before heading to a "friendraiser" event in Philadelphia.
0, in "A Skvader "(Norwtch Castle Museum & Art Gallery, UK) Frigidly digital, flat, and soundless, this CGI vision hits a sweet spot between posthuman spectacle and romantic tragedy.
I kiss the eyelids of the girl and she sits frigidly.
While brooding over the disintegration of his last marriage, which had been to a sexually bedazzling yet frigidly ego-maniacal scientist, the narrator ponders his current marriage to a self-effacing former graduate student.
At the best of times, though, the dynamic polarities (and harsh dialectic at the worst of times) of Sindhi and Urdu speaking people lie quietly, if frigidly over Sindh's political and social landscape.
Frigidly, coldly perfect, Maud is caught between existence as living alabaster and dead, chilly, materiality.
Conversely, maybe he needs a down jacket or more indoor exercise on frigidly cold winter days.
Superior steelhead don't get as large as the rainbows in the other Great Lakes, because the lake's ultra oligotrophic--crystal clear and frigidly cold.
The snows piled higher than they ever had and Keewatin, the north wind, blew long and frigidly.
Another voice inside my head is rational and dispassionate and it frigidly acknowledges that Friedman was right.