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Dame Elisabeth.. 1930--93, British sculptor


/frink/ The unknown ur-verb, fill in your own meaning. Found especially on the Usenet newsgroup, where it is said that the lemurs know what "frink" means, but they aren't telling.

Compare gorets.
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In 1974, Frink co-founded Fabrica International, which develops, manufactures and sells high-end luxury carpet and is rated the No.
According to the federal government, Frink knowingly sold and retitled automobiles to a drug dealer, James Lon Callier, who used the vehicles to transport 750 pounds of cocaine along I-75 from Florida to Detroit.
Others in the automobile industry agree, in particular several minority dealers across the country who have rallied around Frink and are raising money to help defray legal expenses and bring attention to the case.
While many minority auto associations have rallied around Frink, she says GM was only eager to distance itself from her, something Frink understands, at least in part.
Throughout her ordeal, what hit Frink's own faith the hardest was the death of her 21-year-old daughter, Trina Frink, in an automobile accident.