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riving knife, froe, frow

A tool for splitting shingles and the like.
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A log can be split in four with a froe and mallet and roughly shaped on a shave horse with a draw knife (that's another article in itself).
That's why golf club heads, loom shuttles and circus mauls (for driving tent stakes) were made from persimmon, as well as mauls for splitting (riving) shingles and yard-fence boards with a froe.
Large froes were used to make shingles, medium-sized froes were used to make barrels and buckets, and small ones, wooden baskets.
This counts less in rough work tools such as froes, machetes and corn knives.
To start the froe into the log bolt, as shown in Figure 3, pound the back of the blade several times with the mallet.
To assist the splitting, I push against the bolt with my knee as I pull the froe handle towards me.
New froe the eye safety specialists, Iles Optical Ltd of Kingsley Works, Walmgate Road, Perivale, Middlesex, tel:020 8998 6600 is the LiteGuard, an advanced face protector that is suitable for use by both male and female operatives.
New butter-making equipment froe Westfalia Separator Ltd of Old Wolverton, Milton Keynes, tel:0190 857 6512 is setting a new standard for ecofomy and reliability in Europe where the company have installed four new systems European dairies since October last year - at B[ddot{u}]tzower, Barmstedt, Hommerich and the Almark cheese factory in Bismark.
FPL have engineered these new self-draifing pumps to ensure that, when the pump is idle, any media is automatically drained froe the pump's chambers.
Becker also provide a total bespoke turnkey package, froe initial design, through build, installation and ongoing maintenance.
Suitable for vehicles in the 10 to 20cu m range, their V-200 now offers bi-temp and multi-temp versions, meeting the demand for 'same vehicle' chilled and frozen deliveries froe retailers, urban operators and internet supermarkets.