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In this case, the old front-end processor in Lexington was removed and all alarm contacts were connected to a central alarm panel in the facility.
APPN capability on the router will let IBM SNA users route their LAN traffic independently of the front-end processor. It provides the peer-to-peer networking that users want, displacing the hierarchical, mainframe-centered approach that IBM pioneered and fought to preserve for many years.
"We solved both problems by offloading communications from the VAX computer onto a front-end processor and buying the BSC interface software off-the-shelf," he said.
The 3B2/400 User Interface acts as a front-end processor for the video switch.
Don Odell, systems engneer at Metropolitan Life Insurance's New York office, wasn't around when Met Life didn't secure its regional front-end processor.
The satellite data network transparently connects the customer front-end processor to remote data terminals, thereby eliminating all intervening terrestrial lines, multiplexers, concentrators, modems, and so on.
DCA's initial implementation, known as Telcon, made use of network software and the Distributed Communications Processor (DCP), which serves as a front-end processor, remote concentrator or network node processor for the firm's host computers.
One form of satellite delay compensation is program emulation, which provides local acknowledgement and response to the front-end processor and control units.
Over a multi-drop leased-line network, the communications computer transmits data to an IBM host through a front-end processor. In the store, the computer controls printers and terminals for total inquiries, data colection, credit inquiries and responses, report requests and report generation.
* The 3705 front-end processor or communications controller attaches to the mainframe via the local channel.