front-facing gable

front-gabled, front-facing gable

Said of a house having a gable on its façade.
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Another has countryside views through its front-facing gable window.
The Queen Anne subtype is m arked by a steeply pitched, irregular roof line, a front-facing gable with an asymmetrical facade, textured shingles on the walls, bay windows, decorative porches, and turrets (see Figure 7).
The modernised house with its side garage, front-facing gable and roofed entrance and bay is a traditional family home in a popular area for serious commuters, three miles from the M40, under five miles from Solihull and 11 from Birmingham.
The house is typical of an age of elegance, understated in white stucco with a central pediment over the main front-facing gable with flanking scroll detail at roof level.
There are Queene Anne-style buildings, with asymmetrical facades, front-facing gables, overhanging eves and polygonal towers; Colonial Revivals, with accentuated front doors, decorative pediments, columns and sidelines and double-hung sash windows; Gothic Revivals with steeply pitched, side-gabled roofs; and many more.
In architectural terms, it has a look of the 19th century for its attractive trio of front-facing gables, all topped with finials and with a matching porch.
The five front-facing gables with eve returns distinctly make the designer's point on the facade of this home.
Twin front-facing gables with eve returns also add distinction, and don't miss the engaging dormer in the middle.