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9 Gabrielle Verdier, in her "Figures de la conteuse," has studied the frontispieces of later works by Aulnoy in order to show that she rejects the model of the storytelling woman with the spindle in favor of a Sibyl-like figure.
After the stencils one encounters nine etchings with a chine colle that mimic frontispieces of the nineteenth-century narratives.
This essay examines one segment of the Arsenal pictorial program: the narrative cycle illustrating the story of David and Solomon depicted in the three frontispieces preceding I-III Kings.
The plates were on occasion similarly hastily dealt with, with the exception of the third chapter, where the satyr-satire conflation is nicely shown with reference to frontispieces, and the fifth, where the satyr's theatrical and plastic presences are shown in convincing historical articulation.
Rossi's long analysis of the Bembo monument draws an insightful but often neglected analogy between the edicola of the Bembo bust and printed architectural frontispieces, which according to Rossi alludes to the distinction of all literary art.
He includes thirty-eight illustrations of book frontispieces and pages to demonstrate this revolution, but certainly the date for Figure 8, Orince Fine's map of France, is 1575, not 1475.
They include manuscript illuminations representing compilers and collections, frontispieces and other accompanying plates published in catalogues and museographies, astronomical diagrams, mixed pictographic-alphabetic accounting documents, Spanish baroque paintings, illustrative frontispieces or series inspired by or designed for single novels or anthologies, anatomical drawings featured in encyclopedic publications, visual patterns of volcanic formations, engravings representing the New World that accompany non-fictional travelogues, commonplace books that interlace text and images, and graphic satire.
Frontispieces offer color maps and historical illustrations.
It shares over 200 images of old library cards (often handwritten), wonderful vintage oak cabinets that once held the cards, frontispieces of first editions of Little Women, Moby Dick, The Scarlet Letter, The Souls of Black Folk, The Cat in the Hat, and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (along with a handwritten note from Mark Twain).
It is distinguished for the wideness and density of various residential buildings and its frontispieces which are rich in architectural decorations that highlight the urban development that the area witnessed in the fifth and sixth centuries AD, Abdul-Kareem added.
As seen in these examples, celestial frontispieces of the Golden Age not only portrayed astronomical images setting the tone for a book's subject, they also used allegory to transmit messages and vivid pagan, Christian, and Islamic imagery to link past and present.
Twelve contributions examine portraits, frontispieces, birthdaybooks, calendars, and gossip columns--and discuss the Monthly Review's notices of 19th-century novels, Jane Austen's public image, Louisa May Alcott's Moods, and Helen C.