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pedimented dormer
1. In Classical architecture, a triangular gable usually having a horizontal cornice, with raked cornices on each side, surmounting or crowning a portico or another major division of a façade, end wall, or colonnade.
2. A gable above or over a door, window, or hood; usually has a horizontal cornice, crowned with curved sides, or may also be crowned with another configuration (such as broken sides) or its base may be broken in the middle. For definitions and illustrations of specific types, See angular pediment, broken pediment, broken-scroll pediment, center-gabled pediment, curved pediment, open pediment, pointed pediment, round pediment, scroll pediment, segmental pediment, split pediment, swan’s-neck pediment, triangular pediment.
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(3) However, the following gaming activities are authorized by law and regulated by the state: pari-mutuel wagering (4) and licensed greyhound, horse tracks, and jai alai frontons, slot-machine gaming at certain licensed pari-mutuel locations in Miami-Dade and Broward counties, and cardrooms (5) at authorized pari-mutuel facilities.
Yo misma defendi en un articulo dedicado a las que fueran primeras y unicas pelotaris profesionales, las raquetistas, que "la vision de la mujer pelotari ocupando el espacio central de la cultura vasca, aquel que corresponde al bertsolari, al politico o al plaza-gizon, el espacio de la plaza, el fronton, es incompatible con la imagen que el conjunto social se ha hecho de si mismo" (Gonzalez Abrisketa, 1999: 31).
Tournaments are heavily advertised and in Biarritz there is an indoor fronton if the weather's a bit iffy.
3 that the decree would mean the definitive closure of countless investigations such as that of the 1986 massacre at El Fronton NotiSur, Sept.
Florida Gaming Corp., the owner of Miami Jai Alai, plans to modify a section of the 180,000-square-foot fronton to install an undetermined number of slot machines.
I'd never munched a bunch of Negrette, the black grape of Fronton, the local wine of Toulouse.
Orr lives in Fronton, in the south-west of France, with his partner, Martine Bardez, and their son Noah.
During his 26 years in sports and entertainment, he has worked for a sports arena, a jai-alai fronton, a Major League Baseball franchise and a National Hockey League franchise.
Florida was the home of America's first fronton, built in Hialeah in 1924, but it wasn't until the '50s that the sport really exploded.
can foreclose on the company's property at 11315 fronton Cut Off because it defaulted on a Small Business Administration loan.