frosted finish

caustic etch, frosted finish

A decorative matte texture produced on aluminum alloys by an etching treatment in an alkaline solution, generally caustic soda.
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Clad in a metallic gray body with a subtle frosted finish, a quick look at the B9440 reminds you of an executive in a full gray suit.
The back of the LG V40 ThinQ now sports a frosted finish, at least on the Moroccan Blue, Carmine Red and the Platinum Grey coloured variants.
It is available in black and tortoiseshell, as well as crystal with a frosted finish and bright coloured mirrored lenses.
The standard clear is a 15 mil vinyl (plastic) stock, and the frosted finish is a 15 mil vinyl (plastic) stock, as well.
It is finished in four colours with a smooth frosted finish; White Silver, Black, Moss Green and Coral Pink.
SHIMMERY SHADES Orly's six-piece Pastel City collection does what it says on the tin, offering pale shades but the prettiest are those with a frosted finish. Orly Nail Polish in Metallic Haze and Electric Jungle, PS11 each, Grafton's Beauty
SHIMMERY SHADES ORLY'S six-piece Pastel City collection does what it says on the tin, offering a choice of straight-up pale shades, but the prettiest polishes are those with a frosted finish, like the chocolatey Metallic Haze and the teal Electric Jungle.
Arnold & Son unveiled a new limited red gold edition of the Dial Side True Beat (DSTB) with traditional English frosted finish. The DSTB is part of the Instrument Collection and features an in-house mechanical movement.
The frosted finish and bright purple juice give a glowing effect, while the long, narrow neck is ringed by whimsical stripes.
You don't want to literally recreate the 1960's frosted finish - that doesn't suit many mplexions.