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riving knife, froe, frow

A tool for splitting shingles and the like.
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"We want to bring more transparency to discussions of the direct-to-consumer stem cell marketplace and to empower consumers to figure out what kinds of questions to ask when they're considering treatment," Frow said.
Frow et al., Characterizing Direct-to-Consumer Stem Cell Businesses in the Southwest United States.
"Specialists in orthopedics and sports medicine are more likely to restrict stem cell treatments to conditions related to their medical specialties, while care providers with specialties in cosmetic or alternative medicine are more likely to treat a much wider range of conditions with stem cells," Frow said.
"Most of the businesses we profiled are likely not offering treatments that consist of pure stem cell preparations," Frow said.
Frow offered a series of questions that people considering stem cell treatment can ask:
TOPSHOP UNIQUE THE FROW: Pop starlets Ellie Goulding and Ella Eyre, models Arizona Muse and Lottie Moss, again.
The chapter entitled `What Was Postmodernism?' takes up the methodological challenge that Frow sets himself in attempting to think the modern and the postmodern as unstable and heterogeneous unities.
Theories focusing on authenticity, sacred sites, pilgrimages, pseudo-events and simulacrum are all evaluated for their usefulness in understanding tourism as a cultural activity, but Frow stresses the importance of a particular mode of being a tourist which reverberates with the broader temporal dynamics of modern and postmodern culture: `nostalgia'.
Frow uses the example of the development of a market in human DNA and the trade in human organs to think about the nature of giving, altruism and reciprocal social bonds in a world of accelerated commodification and information exchange.
A LACY AFFAIR THE SHOW: Burberry Prorsum THE FROW: The Britpack was out in force.
THE FUTURE'S BRIGHT THE SHOW: Christopher Kane THE FROW: Anna Wintour (right) sat next to director Baz Luhrmann, while fashion BFFs Alexa Chung and Daisy Lowe nattered nearby.
UPROAR 3 Ben Frow POPULAR 3Xpose presenter Glenda Gilson