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1. (of a region or climate) icy or snowy
a. (of prices, wages, etc.) arbitrarily pegged at a certain level
b. (of business assets) not convertible into cash, as by government direction or business conditions

What does it mean when you dream about being frozen?

Being frozen in a dream has a range of possible meanings, from feeling emotionally or sexually cold to simply feeling that one is unable to do something different from whatever one is doing. We also speak about “frozen assets” and waiting until “hell freezes over.”

References in classic literature ?
N.) under which Pallas found the frozen rhinoceros in Siberia, is very interesting.
Nevertheless, on some islands only 360 miles northward of our new Cape Horn in Denmark, a carcass buried in the soil (or if washed into a shallow sea, and covered up with mud) would be preserved perpetually frozen. If some bold navigator attempted to penetrate northward of these islands, he would run a thousand dangers amidst gigantic icebergs, on some of which he would see great blocks of rock borne far away from their original site.
Eyelashes and cheeks and lips were so coated with the crystals from their frozen breath that their faces were not discernible.
One's quite frozen and the other's an awful swaggerer.
Now the girl from the North had been lying near the lamp, eating very little and saying less for days past; but when Amoraq and Kadlu next morning packed and lashed a little hand- sleigh for Kotuko, and loaded it with his hunting-gear and as much blubber and frozen seal-meat as they could spare, she took the pulling-rope, and stepped out boldly at the boy's side.
The floe, as you will remember, had been battered and tormented by the autumn gales till it was one frozen earthquake.
When they were tired Kotuko would make what the hunters call a "half-house," a very small snow hut, into which they would huddle with the travelling-lamp, and try to thaw out the frozen seal-meat.
Also, the strong current which sets east out of Lancaster Sound carried with it mile upon mile of what they call pack-ice--rough ice that has not frozen into fields; and this pack was bombarding the floe at the same time that the swell and heave of the storm-worked sea was weakening and undermining it.
A berg that seemed ready to carry the world before it would ground helplessly in deep water, reel over, and wallow in a lather of foam and mud and flying frozen spray, while a much smaller and lower one would rip and ride into the flat floe, flinging tons of ice on either side, and cutting a track half a mile long before it was stopped.
At the end house of the village some frozen clothes hanging on a line--shirts, one red and one white, trousers, leg-bands, and a petticoat--fluttered wildly in the wind.
He had died when I heard him sigh, and was now frozen almost stiff.
One and all we scrambled out of the cave as fast as our half- frozen limbs would carry us.