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1. (of a region or climate) icy or snowy
a. (of prices, wages, etc.) arbitrarily pegged at a certain level
b. (of business assets) not convertible into cash, as by government direction or business conditions

What does it mean when you dream about being frozen?

Being frozen in a dream has a range of possible meanings, from feeling emotionally or sexually cold to simply feeling that one is unable to do something different from whatever one is doing. We also speak about “frozen assets” and waiting until “hell freezes over.”

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Similarly, unwholesome meat and fats were found in the store of Frozen Meat Hayatabad, a factory supplying frozen meat in the provincial metropolis.
The municipality held meetings with traders of frozen meat and instructed them to match prices of meat cutting with that of abattoirs.
Tendercut Meats has been processing and packing frozen meat, from chops and joints to whole legs of lamb, for over 30 years.
A total of 10,000 tons of pork are consumed in Macedonia annually, while 9,000 tons of frozen meat and 2,000 tons of fresh meat are imported.
Summary: Muscat: The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has withdrawn imported frozen meat products from markets .
Muscat, Aug 14 (ONA) The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has withdrawn imported frozen meat products from markets for non-conformity of standards and stop importing and marketing them.
I was tempted to fill a trolley with frozen meat and walk out with no payment necessary, but suddenly remembered my freezer was full up so I didn't bother.
Meat supplier Gilmoors only supplies meat produced from fresh prime cuts and all meat and poultry is delivered fresh - no frozen meat is used.
The Scottish Government said: "Sodexo supply catering for a number of Scottish Government facilities and we are aware that Sodexo have withdrawn all frozen meat products as a precautionary measure.
WAITROSE has confirmed it is to build its own factory to produce frozen meat products.
In one particular case, however, when a worker found a loaded gun while unpacking frozen meat on Wednesday, all that came next were questions.
They then went through into the main dining area where they used large laundry bags to stash up to 40 bottles of wine and spirits and dozens of portions of frozen meat.