fruit bat

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fruit bat,

fruit-eating batbat,
winged mammal of the order Chiroptera, which includes 900–1,000 species classified in about 200 genera and 17 families. Bats range in size from a wingspread of over 5 ft (150 cm) to a wingspread of less than 2 in. (5 cm).
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 found in tropical regions of the Old World. It is relatively large and differs from other bats in the possession of an independent, clawed second digit; it also depends on sight rather than echo-location in maintaining orientation. The Pteropodidae, or flying foxes, are S Asian fruit bats whose short jaws and powerful teeth are specially adapted for piercing the rinds of tough fruit. They include the largest of all bats, the kalang (Pteropus vampyrus), which has a wingspan greater than 5 ft (1.5 m). The Macroglossidae, or long-tongued fruit bats, are widespread throughout S Asia, Africa, New Guinea, and Australia. Specialized for a diet of pollen and nectar, their snouts and tongues are greatly elongated. All fruit bats are highly mobile, traveling as much as 30 mi (48 km) in search of food. They nest in trees and all but a few species are completely nocturnal. Fruit bats are classified in the phylum ChordataChordata
, phylum of animals having a notochord, or dorsal stiffening rod, as the chief internal skeletal support at some stage of their development. Most chordates are vertebrates (animals with backbones), but the phylum also includes some small marine invertebrate animals.
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, subphylum Vertebrata, class Mammalia, order Chiroptera.
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We documented 18,509 Jamaican fruit bat echolocation calls during our study, and averaged them across 15-min intervals (Fig.
The northern hills of the 1,032-hectare island at Barangay Yapak are home to fruit bats, commonly referred to as flying foxes because their features resemble miniature dogs or foxes.
Haemoparasites and ectoparasites of fruit bat species in Amurum Forest Reserve and their effects on host physiologic and morphometric parameters.
Ecologically, fruit bats are vital spreaders of pollen and seeds, vitally benefiting many plant species.
The number of endangered fruit bats in Boracay has dropped sharply, even after the six-month closure of the resort island for rehabilitation last year, according to a conservation group.
This finding was further confirmed by He et al., who detected filovirus RNA in brown fruit bats (Rousettus leschenaultii) in China (10).
Bushmeat is frequently eaten in Africa and are mostly from gorillas, chimpanzees, monkeys, rats, snakes, porcupines and fruit bats. Reports said some areas view bushmeat as an important source of food, while others enjoy it as a delicacy.
Tungawan, Zamboanga Sibugay - The Region-9 office of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR-9) confirmed the presence of an endangered giant fruit bat species called the Golden Crowned Flying Fox (Acerodon jubatus) at the mangrove forests of Barangay Tigbucay here.
BAT LOVERS invited to join a special bat-watching event to celebrate European Bat Night this Friday will be lucky if they encounter Cyprus' only species of fruit bat.
The 25-year-old victim was approached by a man at the corner of Lower Ford Street and Hood Street, Hillfields, outside the Fruit Bat pub - formerly known as the Spittlemoor.
But just think if the same unscrupulous dealers have flooded shops with other pets that are not what they seem.The kitten that grows into a tiger, the puppy that becomes a wildebeest, the fruit bat that turns into Count Dracula.
This particular one, the Egyptian fruit bat, is one of the most important mammals in Cyprus, Nicolaou believes, as Cyprus is the only European country where it exists.