fruit sugar

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fruit sugar:

see fructosefructose
, levulose
, or fruit sugar,
simple sugar found in honey and in the fruit and other parts of plants. It is much sweeter than sucrose (cane sugar).
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All you need to do to claim your free bottle is to cut out the voucher below and take it along with you to your local Scottish SPAR store to claim your free bottle of Volvic Touch of Fruit Sugar Free Orange today, tomorrow or Monday.
Put the chopped strawberries into a pan with the fruit sugar and allow to stand for 15 minutes to macerate.
A mass-spectroscopy method can distinguish grass sugars from fruit sugars, but it cannot pinpoint the plant of origin of each sugar.
Summary: This report, provides forecast and analysis of the global monk fruit sugar market.
The natural fruit sugar in oranges, fructose, can help keep blood sugar levels from rising too high after eating.
Washington, Jan 25 ( ANI ): Researchers have found evidence of cardiovascular disease and diabetes risk in the blood of adolescents who consume a lot of fructose, or fruit sugar.
Ingredients: 350g plain flour, 1tsp bicarbonate of soda, 250g butter, 175g Fruisana fruit sugar, 2 large eggs 1tsp vanilla essence, 1 large ripe banana, 100g banana chips, 100g glace cherries, chopped.
80g Fruisana Fruit Sugar plus 2 further tablespoons
Fruit sugar is natural and the fruit gives you fibre, vitamins and minerals.
However, people with diabetes should avoid drinking large amounts of fruit juice because the fruit sugar (fructose) can cause problems with blood sugar control.