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That's right," said the full-blooded young man, grinning all over a convivial countenance.
And I was ushered into an empty room with a good bay-window, which enabled my full-blooded friend to inspect me yet more critically in a good light; this he did without the least false delicacy; then his questions began.
She was a woman, a nut-brown woman, an Amazon, a full-blooded, full-bodied woman, and royal ripe.
A Banker - full-blooded Banker," Harvey called back as he boarded a trolley, and Cheyne went on with his blissful dreams for the future.
He is a full-blooded Maranao and I think he grew up in Lanao del Sur, he studied there, he got married there, and is being looked up to as.
Viloria, a full-blooded Filipino born and raised in Hawaii, on the other hand, will tangle with unbeaten Artem Dalakian of Ukraine for the vacant World Boxing Association flyweight crown.
By 1815 the full-blooded hereditary Cherokee Chiefs faced the sudden reality that they would have to allow half-bloods, many Creek war veterans like John Ross and the half-blood Lowery brothers George and John, to establish a white-style central government for the tribe with fifteen tribal council members, a principal chief and an assistant chief.
Town boss David Wagner accepted the Dutchman was deserving of both his booking and a fine, but Dyche came in with a full-blooded tirade.
Only full-blooded Native Americans will be allowed into the gathering.
Winner of this year's prestigious Palme d'Or in Cannes, this powerful movie, set in Newcastle, is a brutal, hard-hitting, full-blooded piece of Loach film-making, exposing Britain's shattered welfare system.
Ukip's debate is - as is their wont - an altogether more full-blooded affair.
It's a move in the direction of a full-blooded GTI or even 'R' hot hatch.