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It is expected that this network will provide 1400 Mbps, full-duplex Ethernet throughput with >99.
Offering the highest spectral efficiency, it provides up to 3 Gbit/s full-duplex Ethernet throughputs in a 500 MHz channel for delivering mobile network backhaul services at the lowest cost per Gigabit.
Full-duplex Ethernet over UTP runs at 20 or 200Mbit/sec, for example, while half-duplex Ethernet over UTP runs at either 10 or l00Mbit/sec.
The campus network is split into five major zones, each with a Cisco Catalyst 5000 switch connected with 100 Mbps full-duplex Ethernet to a Cisco 7513 router at the core of the network.
Service options range from T1 connectivity to 45 Mbps full-duplex Ethernet bridging, at frequencies of 2.
It's full-duplex Ethernet switching, which doubles the LAN throughput to 20 Mb/s and dedicates the full capacity to a server or other device on the network that might otherwise create a traffic bottleneck.
The pipeline can be configured to support either 20G full-duplex Ethernet or 10G full-duplex Sonet applications.
The advanced 10BaseS technology allows for 10Mbps symmetric full-duplex Ethernet services over single-pair copper wires at distances of up to 4000ft (1200m) -- saving the costs associated with deploying CAT-5 cabling.
When operating in the latter mode, a MAC performs full-duplex Ethernet framing while the PCS implements 64b/66b data encoding/decoding, as well as Link Signaling functions.
The standards-based 5800 offers true fiber performance in voice-over IP, high-speed Internet access, and "last-mile" connectivity applications, and provides sustained full-duplex Ethernet extensions for point-to-point links at speeds of 10 Mbps for up to 5 miles.
The 5800 can quickly be installed to deliver 10Mb/s sustained full-duplex Ethernet connectivity to remote buildings, whether they are across the street or up to 20 miles away, eliminating the cumbersome, time-consuming, and expensive process normally involved in deploying additional network connections.
Network operations personnel can rack-mount it in a wiring closet, attached to Shomiti's Century 12-Tap, to analyze up to 12 full-duplex Ethernet segments in real time.