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With the improvement of modern comprehensive mechanization technology as well as the popularization and application of some high-yielding and high-efficiency coal mining techniques such as top-coal caving mining and full-seam mining, large-scale and fast-advancing intensive mining mode has now become an important development direction in China's coal mining; moreover, the use of large scale equipment in the work face, a significant increase in mining intensity and yield, and the enhancement of transportation capability in mines have set higher requirements for the section size of roadway [1].
In these two working faces, long-wall full-seam mining with complete mechanization was used for coal cutting.
A fully-mechanized full-seam mining technology is used because of the small thickness of the oil shale seam.
(3) There is a dynamic stress arch in the upper part of the full-seam mining for the extrathick coal seam by sublevel caving mining with high bottom cutting height, which is the main bearing carrier, and the masonry beam or hinged rock beam structure composed of key layers in the arch has certain bearing capacity.