functional group

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functional group,

in organic chemistry, group of atoms within a molecule that is responsible for certain properties of the molecule and reactions in which it takes part. Organic compounds are frequently classified according to the functional group or groups they contain. For example, methanol, ethanol, and isopropanol are all classified as alcohols since each contains a functional hydroxyl group.
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functional group

[¦fəŋk·shən·əl ′grüp]
(organic chemistry)
An atom or group of atoms, acting as a unit, that has replaced a hydrogen atom in a hydrocarbon molecule and whose presence imparts characteristic properties to this molecule; frequently represented as R‒. Also known as functionality.
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The electron withdrawing from the functional group at the termination site will lead to the polypyridyl ligand attracting electrons from the metal centre and hence acting to delocalise the electron density.
Regional climatic conditions influenced reservoir volume and hydrodynamics, and, consequently, functional groups replacement and biomass.
Keywords: environmental watering, water plant functional groups, threatened flora
Figure 5(c) shows that activated carbon treated at high temperature (580[degrees]C) lost almost oxygen containing functional group except quinonic functional group.
2004).Species richness and functional group composition may modify reactions of swards to drought and affect the nutritive value.
Dipole moment of conformationally restricted chiral biphenyl dopant 1 containing methyl, carboxylate and nitro functional groups at positions2(2?), 4(4?) and 5(5?) respectively, was calculated9.61 D whereas the dihedral angle between two rings(C2-C1-C1?-C2?) was found 54.6o and by comparing it with the reported values of dipole moment of benzene substituted derivatives, this was found veryhigh [13].
Each volume of the series contains detailed information on the chemistry of a functional group. Topics cover the general, theoretical and computational aspects of the functional group such as quantum chemical treatment, structural and conformational chemistry and thermochemistry.
Chemical modification of CNTs using refluxing process or ultrasonic process can create functional groups on the surface of CNTs, such as carboxylic, carbonyl, and hydroxyl groups (7), (8) The presence of functional groups could significantly enhance the dispersion of the CNTs into the polymer matrix, thus improving the physical properties of the nanocomposites.
My PhD research uses a removal experiment to examine the roles of different plant functional groups (groups of plants that have similar roles in a community, e.g., grasses, legumes) both in influencing plant community dynamics (responses of other functional groups to the loss of a particular group) and in determining ecosystem function (properties and processes of an ecosystem affected by the biota).
The sharing of the data, knowledge and functional views ensures that each functional group understands the operational situation and its role in improving it.
This functional group acted as an electron basin, which makes the system act like a quantum well, trapping electron density between two barriers (in the case of a device, a molecule between two electrodes).

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