functional group

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functional group,

in organic chemistry, group of atoms within a molecule that is responsible for certain properties of the molecule and reactions in which it takes part. Organic compounds are frequently classified according to the functional group or groups they contain. For example, methanol, ethanol, and isopropanol are all classified as alcohols since each contains a functional hydroxyl group.

functional group

[¦fəŋk·shən·əl ′grüp]
(organic chemistry)
An atom or group of atoms, acting as a unit, that has replaced a hydrogen atom in a hydrocarbon molecule and whose presence imparts characteristic properties to this molecule; frequently represented as R‒. Also known as functionality.
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Dry-meadow graminoids varied in response to nutrient addition, depending on their functional group ([ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 2 OMITTED], Table 3).
Certain embodiments of the present invention further provide a functional block copolymer defined by the formula [alpha]-[pi]-[theta]-[omega] where [alpha] is a hydrogen atom or a functional group, n is an elastomeric block, [theta] is a thermoplastic block and [omega] is a hydrogen atom or a functional group.
Each rare species was allocated to a Water Plant Functional Group (Brock and Casanova 1997; Casanova 2011; Campbell et al.
And what if it is also on the hard-to-access meta position, facing away from the nearest functional group in terms of geometry?
Its comprehensive nature sets it apart from organic chemistry databases and more basic resources in functional group chemistry.
In another embodiment, the branched alkyl functional group has from 3 to 8 carbon atoms.
Does the role of a functional group change when the environment changes?
Every plant functional group has high-level objectives and targets, and if the raw operational data can be converted in real-time or near real-time into KPIs, then non-compliance to operational targets can quickly be identified, decisions can be made and actions taken.
Those in the functional group had more severe cognitive fatigue than the organic group (a score of 18 out of 40 on the FIS versus 15) and psychosocial fatigue (35 out of 80 versus 29).
This functional group acted as an electron basin, which makes the system act like a quantum well, trapping electron density between two barriers (in the case of a device, a molecule between two electrodes).
QFD systematically aims to ensure that important issues are not lost or misinterpreted as a project is handed off from functional group to functional group.

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