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large-scale soliciting of voluntary contributions, especially in the United States. Fund-raising is widely undertaken by charitable organizations, educational institutions, and political groups to acquire sufficient funds to support their activities. Among the methods used are door-to-door appeals, direct-mail campaigns, charity dinners and testimonials, charity balls, benefit entertainments, and, more recently, televised appeals and telephone solicitation. These techniques are generally accompanied by advertising and public relations campaigns. Before World War I private social agencies conducted individual fund-raising drives in their own communities, but with the war came the start of federated drives conducted by several agencies for purposes related to the war effort. The community chest movement had its origin in these federated efforts. These joint efforts were highly successful in that they raised more money at a considerably lower cost. The United Way of America is now the national association of all community chests and community welfare councils. In addition to federated drives, the period following World War I also saw the development of professional organizations that raise funds for a percentage of the total. Although the united fund movement spread rapidly, many agencies still chose to conduct independent campaigns, notably the health-promoting organizations. After the American Red Cross reversed its position in the 1950s and allowed local chapters to join United Way drives, most health groups did likewise. Fund-raising for political purposes has led to demands for national and state regulation of such activities.


See G. A. Brakeley, Jr., Tested Ways to Successful Fund Raising (1980).

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The role would suit applicants looking for a career in event management, marketing or fund-raising.
Driven by a significant uptick in buyout fund-raising, 92 European funds raised $36.
I'm really excited about embarking on my career in fund-raising at St Richard's Hospice," said Phillippa.
Fund-raising activities will be held during the lunch, which at the last event of its kind raised Dh6,000 alone.
Fund-raising plays an increasingly important role in supporting high school sport programs.
More recently, he was criticized for using shrill rhetoric in a fund-raising appeal on behalf of an anti-union organization.
Since our products are primarily sold via school fund-raising activities, we are very conscious of the message each property transmits," she said.
At these institutions, fund-raising campaigns exceed a billion dollars, and at this level these fund-raising activities constitute complex and highly sophisticated organizational behaviors that model large corporations--quality management approaches at the University of Michigan, a network structure of divisions or organized specialty groups for campaigns at Cornell, and a monitoring and tracking system across the campus at UCLA for coordination of cultivating and soliciting donors.
In my own career as a library administrator, fund-raising has been my primary task for more than fifteen years, through three positions--two as director of an academic library and one in a government agency.
Pacesetter Corporations agree to serve as models for other Lee County companies and initiate and complete their fund-raising efforts before the kickoff of the county-wide campaign.
Loker, for instance, has given $27 million to the university's ongoing fund-raising campaign.

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