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(1) Monetary or material resources that either finance certain activities (wages fund) or constitute the basic holdings or reserves of such institutions as libraries and museums.

(2) An organization or institution that gives material aid to artists, for example, the Literary Fund of the USSR.

(3) In capitalist countries, international or national grants or capital investments (usually set up by private individuals) to support educational institutions, carry out scientific projects, and promote and reward discoveries, inventions, and achievements in the arts and sciences.

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The Meet the Funder will feature presentations and also opportunities for one-to-one sessions with the organisations attending.
* cOAlition S funders to allow 'hybrid' and 'sister' journals to be Plan S-compliant, given their role in meeting different geographic, funder and disciplinary needs;
'[Optics] will not be good' if the government would allow the mass entry of foreign workers to take jobs in the construction sector 'even if this is a condition imposed by a funder of tied loans,' Recto said.
It is generally not interest that is awarded to the funder in a successful case; rather it is a share of awarded damages in a pre-agreed ratio.
Participants in the meeting discussed a wide variety of issues related to the OA movement, and according the meeting report, "there was both consensus and enthusiasm for pursuing a standing group of research funders" (sparcopen.
* Match headers to the RFP and use the funder's language in the responses.
Summary: 'Future Founders and Future Funders Programme' at Zayed University aims to groom a generation of Emirati female investors and entrepreneurs
Law Funder said in a court filing that it suffered "a significant amount of damages" as a result.
The funder is willing to pay for your arbitration in exchange for a sizable return on his investment.
The acquisition will also benefit institutions and funders. The integration of Hivebench with Elsevier's 'funder compliance check' module, that will be developed in 2016 for the Elsevier and Mendeley data repositories, will also ensure that the data complies with funder requirements.
How does what we do at camp match the funder's stated target visions?