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(1) Monetary or material resources that either finance certain activities (wages fund) or constitute the basic holdings or reserves of such institutions as libraries and museums.

(2) An organization or institution that gives material aid to artists, for example, the Literary Fund of the USSR.

(3) In capitalist countries, international or national grants or capital investments (usually set up by private individuals) to support educational institutions, carry out scientific projects, and promote and reward discoveries, inventions, and achievements in the arts and sciences.

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Law Funder said in a court filing that it suffered "a significant amount of damages" as a result.
On the issue of security for costs, the LRC considers that there is no need to give an arbitral tribunal the power to order security for costs against a third party funder, as the powers of an arbitral tribunal under the Arbitration Ordinance to order a party to give security for costs afford adequate protection.
Both institutions and funders are seeking this link between the data in the laboratory and the data posting requirements.
The requirements for the project to be taken over needs to be clearly set out (particularly the tests on completion that need to be satisfied) and funders will usually only permit the works to be taken over if the funder's certifier agrees that the works have indeed been completed in accordance with the contract.
At the time, FW Capital was one of the few funders in the region offering established small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) an alternative funding source and we saw a good selection of potential investment opportunities from the types of businesses the fund was set up to back.
Seek ways to answer the question, "What can a funder do to get a taste of the camp experience?
VNA Foundation and a number of other funders joined with public health advocates and providers to form Starting Strong in Illinois, a collaborative that directs public health funders to health reform work where the funds will be best used.
Every dollar raised through Funder Way's crowdfunding campaign will be matched by the ACL's Veterans Affordable Housing Program.
It may mean you are dealing with someone who is always hungry," the Herald Sun quoted Funder as telling News Limited.
A claimant that brings the same case but secures litigation funding, where the terms stipulate that the funder will take 30 per cent of the damages in the event that the claim is successful, will have a P&L impact of [pounds sterling]O (the funder picks up the legal fees) and a contingent asset of [pounds sterling]5.
the largest and most experienced international dispute funder in the world," as its promotional materials state, so we're not looking here at some aberrational outlier in the field.
The company has signed an agreement with a funder to issue 20,000,000 shares of the company's common stock in exchange for $5,000,000 in cash or 25 cents ($.