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(1) Monetary or material resources that either finance certain activities (wages fund) or constitute the basic holdings or reserves of such institutions as libraries and museums.

(2) An organization or institution that gives material aid to artists, for example, the Literary Fund of the USSR.

(3) In capitalist countries, international or national grants or capital investments (usually set up by private individuals) to support educational institutions, carry out scientific projects, and promote and reward discoveries, inventions, and achievements in the arts and sciences.

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The development of the DIFC Courts has led to greater certainty in litigation passing through those courts, which has in turn attracted investment from litigation funders.
Improve accountability: collect and disseminate data on funders portfolio so that their operations become more transparent and funders are held responsible
You have to bring these funders in on your point of view.
Working with GrowthAccelerator, we wanted to provide a unique opportunity for businesses to pitch to a number of different funders to help take their ideas to the next stage.
When asked why she decided to approach funders through IndieGoGo, Young-Brown answered, “This allows funders to feel more involved with the project from start to finish, and beyond.
But Mr Thomas said that both funders and recipients need to learn lessons from previous failures when designing and operating grant schemes.
Clewlow concludes: "Funders' credit appetite can vary significantly by funder, sector and even region.
Dr Joe Cox, principal lecturer in economics and finance, said: "On the basis of our work, we conclude that self-presentation and online 'personal branding' is shown to have a significant effect on the behaviour of funders.
Dubai SME, the agency of Dubai Economy mandated to develop the small and medium enterprise (SME) sector, and Womena have jointly launched the 'Future Founders and Future Funders Programme,' aimed to draw on venture capital (VC) as an enabler of entrepreneurship among Emirati women.
Bridgespan's survey included approximately 250 leaders from Indian NGOs and the Indian offices of international NGOs-supplemented with more than 50 interviews of NGO funders and intermediaries and secondary research.
This is part of a growing national movement to educate funders and change the narrative about what it truly takes to create strong and sustainable organizations that are capable of delivering the results funders want from their grantees.
The report recommends that third party funders funding arbitration should be required to comply with a Code of Practice to be issued by a body authorized under the Arbitration Ordinance after consultation with the public.